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Scot Project - Guest mix on 2 Faces - Luni 08.06 - ora 19:00


Scot Project is one of those rare artists whose musical style is clearly recognizable throughout the dance music world. His signature sound has helped create the harder side of the Trance genre, with unique combination of hard percussive elements mixed with melodic trance rhythms, he has become one of the most successful DJs/Producers in the global dance music.

Over the past few years Scot Project has created waves around club-land with appearances at Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Slinky, Global Gathering, Homelands, Dance Valley, Avalon, Goodgrief, and many more major festivals and clubs worldwide.

Learning to mix at the age of 13, Scot Project got his first break in 1986 playing break-beat in a youth club. When the acid house movement hit in 1988 Scot Project was hooked. By 1990 he was a resident of several clubs in and around Frankfurt and was spending his pay cheques on a small but potent studio.

Scot Project's first track «X» was released on Overdose in 1994 shortly after, followed closely by the hugely successful {U I Got A Feeling}, on Overdose/Positiva which charted throughout Europe. Since then Scot Project has established himself as one of the biggest producers of the harder edge of Trance genre, with a plethora of remixes and hit productions under his name including mega hits, {F Future is now}, {O Overdrive} and remixes like {second trip / Hennes & Cold}, {Cosmic gate / fire wire} {Yoji Biomehanika / Ding A Ling} and {Beam vs. Cyrus / thunder in paradise}, and other artists such as Talla 2xlc, Derb, Brooklyn Bounce and Yves De Ruyter, which stormed UK and International dance charts. He is also responsible for the project Arome with successful releases such as visions of paradise, somebody and the massive success Hands up. Scot always found time to twiddle plenty of knobs in the studio. His melodic dance floor ripper «L» (Want Your Love) booted Eric Prydz's number one tune «Call on me» off the top spot of Discomania's 2004 yearly sales chart. The tune also ousted Mylo's «Drop The Pressure» and Deep Dish's «Flashdance» from the top of the German-based chart, with both Judge Jules and Fergie nearly wearing out their copies on their Radio One shows.

2005 has been one of the best yet for Germany's undisputed tech trance master. After more than ten years of top-notch studio production and crowd-pleasing DJ sets, the dreadlocked wonder released his long-awaited artist album, «A1». The frenzied response to the tasty mix of new era productions and much-loved classics sent Scot and his record bag spinning from Kuala Lumpur to Canada to satisfy the appetites of hard trance-hungry clubbers. «A1» shows the progress of his music style, further pushing forward the evolution of the harder edge of Trance. Good examples are also remixes for Yoji Biomehanikas {Monochroma} and Yakooza..s {I Wanna Feel} and recent remixes like cocaine 2006(yakooza) , Bravheart 06, Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm 2006(kosmo records) and his unique for promotional use only series...

2007 Scot-lovers will soon be reveling in the harder edge of the Scot Project sound with the new TOCS series on his very own Druck Records. TOCS 1 (druck11) was already a promising start for another successful project.TOCS 2 (druck 019) was the banging second Watch out for TOCS 3, 4, 5 and not forget the evergrowing "for promotinal use only" series with unique remixes for Daft Punk and U2

2008 is looking to be full of goodies for Scot Project fans. His 2nd Artist album (A2) is now in the works, expected for release in Autumn 2008. Also coming soon are a handful of new Scot Project, Arome and Tocs single releases on his new homebase Druck records .. watch out..

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TRANCEnet Radio Staff
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