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Yuriy Chyaburu presents Welcome Trance World - 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Yuriy Chyaburu

Yuriy Chyaburu presents Welcome Trance World - 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Unbelievable but the 1st anniversary of the radio is here, and to celebrate it, we planned more than 24 hours of the best in trance, tech-trance, progressive trance and more.
Hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for being there with us!!!


15th November:
09:00 | Yuriy Chyaburu
12:00 | Raddle B
13:00 | Mike Saint-Jules
14:00 | DoubleV
15:00 | Mhammed El Alami
16:00 | 450Celsius
17:00 | Alikast
19:00 | Shura Vlasov
20:00 | Biotones
21:00 | Grifas
23:00 | Daniel Skyver
24:00 | Paul Denton
01:00 | NicK SensatioN

16th November:
09:00 | Max Farewell
10:00 | Ronski Speed
11:00 | RDC
13:00 | Sundes
15:00 | Cold Rush
17:00 | Darren Simpson
18:00 | Mark Winstanley
19:00 | Mark Bester
20:00 | Manida
21:00 | Allan Morrow
22:00 | Tycoos
23:00 | Demaus (Special Classic Set)


15th November


Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Armin van Buuren Presents Gaia - Tuvan (Farzam Remix)
02.Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Down To Love (Original Mix)
03.Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Beggin You (Armin van Buuren Remix)
04.Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Humming The Lights (Original Mix)
05.Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - J'ai Envie De Toi (Original Mix)
06.Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Empire Of Hearts (Original Mix)
07.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - My Heaven (Original Mix)
08.Antony Waldhorn - Voyager (Original Mix)
09.Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel vs Arisen Flame - In and Out of Explorer (450Celsius Mashup)
10.Armin van Buuren - Imagine (Original Mix)
11.Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Cosmic Gate’s Back 2 The Future Remix)
12.Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Status Excessu D (Original Mix)
13.Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Eternal Flame (Solarstone Pure Mix)
14.Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun - An Angels Love (Vocal Mix)
15.Dave202 vs Cerf & Mitiska & Jaren - Arrival vs Beggin You (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
16.Armin van Buuren Feat. Vanvelzen - Broken Tonight (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
17.Armin van Buuren Feat. Cathy Burton - I Surrender (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
18.ReOrder & Ian Standerwick presents Skypatrol - Folding Your Universe (Original Mix)
19.Ram feat. Susana - RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) (Original Mix)
20.Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef - Laily (Photographer Remix)
21.Andrι Van Reese - Recovered (Original Mix)
22.Acid Test - The Laboratory (Original Mix)
23.Allan Morrow feat. Sophie Way - Why We Do This (Original Mix)
24.Ben Gold feat. The Glass Child – Fall With Me (Sneijder Remix)
25.Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers - Full Moon Fever (Power Vocal Mix)
26.Lost Witness vs. Sassot - Whatever (Aly & Fila Remix)
27.Simon Patterson - Us (Original Mix)
28.Gareth Emery & Will Atkinson - Concrete Unleash (YC Mashup)
29.Mark Norman – Rush (Original Mix)


Raddle B - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Raddle B & Nellu L vs Marcprest – 7 Billion People 14 Billion Faces (Philler Music Remix)
02.Menno de Jong feat. Noire Lee - Creatures Of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix)
03.Raddle B ft. Nellu L - Empires (Soundgate Remix)
04.Arctic Moon - Starlight In the Dark (Original Mix)
05.Michael Flint - Divination (Original Mix)
06.SoundGate - Time For Changes (Original Mix)
07.Armin Van Buuren Feat. Miri Ben Ari- Intense (Raddle B Uplifting Bootleg)
08.Ahmed Romel - Yarden (Original Mix)
09.Dennis Pedersen & A.R.D.I. - Remember (Original Mix)
10.Bluefire - Dreamnasia (Photographer Remix)
11.Raddle B - Living The Dream (Alikast Remix)
12.SoundLift - Flying Higher (Duduk Mix)


Mike Saint-Jules - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. LTN Feat. Arielle Maren - A Different Side Of You (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive 200]
02. Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox - Touch Me (Mike Koglin 2.0 Remix) [Perfecto]
03. Super8 & Tab Feat. Julie Thompson - Let Go (Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats]
04. Blake Jarrell - Roaches (Mike Saint-Jules Remix) [Black Hole]
05. Ferry Corsten - Pogo (Original Mix) [Flashover]
06. MaRLo - Barracuda (Original Mix) [ASOT]
07. David Gravell - Supernova (Original Mix) [Mainstage Music]
08. Adam Szabo & Willem de Roo - Stingray (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
09. Alex Di Stefano - Escape From The Past (Original Mix) [Outburst Records]
10. Three Drives - Signs From the Universe [Massive Drive]
11. WeAreAliens - Outcast (Giuseppe Ottaviani Fix) [Go On Air]
12. UCast - LAX (Original Mix) [WAO138?!]
13. RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore (Original Mix) [Grotesque]


DoubleV - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson vs. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - My Sun & Moon (DoubleV Mashup) [CD-R]
02. Emma Hewitt - Circles (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix) [Armada]
03. Roger Shah feat. Lorilee - When The World's Asleep (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix) [Armada]
04. Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren & Arty - The Sun After Heartbreak (Pedro Del Mar & Double V Remix) [Vandit \ Armada]
05. Pedro Del Mar & Spark7 feat. Jane Kumada - Hold Me Now (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix) [Black Hole]
06. Sunlounger & Rocking J - Finca (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix) vs. Nadia Ali - Rapture [Magic Island \ CD-R]
07. Roger Shah, JES & Brian Laruso - Higher Than the Sun (Pedro Del Mar & Doublev Remix) [Magik Muzik]
08. Ronski Speed & Kay Stone vs. Zedd feat. Foxxes - Valle Verde Clarity (DoubleV Mashup) [CD-R]
09. Mohamed Ragab - Sharm (DoubleV Remix) [FSOE \ Armada]
10. Xtigma feat. Sarah Russel - Take Your Hand (DoubleV Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
11.Jorn van Deynhoven vs. Sunlounger & Zara Taylor - Try To Be Headliner (DoubleV Mashup) [CD-R]


Mhammed El Alami - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01: Adam Nickey - It's Alright
02: Angelique - Being (Cold Rush Remix)
03: Ferry Tayle ft Sarah Shields & Ludovic H - The Most Important Thing (Mhammed El Alami Remix)
04: Tonny Nesse - Beat Essence (Mhammed El Alami & Allam Remix)
05: Mehdi Belkadi & Jeef B - Dimension
06: Manuel Rocca - Esperanza
07: Gelardi - Back To The Days
08: Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Sacred Heart
09: Simza & Stoneless - Black Sea
10: New World - Ushio
11: Jason Ross-Burma (Cold Blue Remix)
12: Ferry Tayle ft Poppy – The Way Back Home (Dan Stone Remix)
13: Paul Rigel - Rejuvenative
14: Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer - Pharaon (Araya & Mark Dreamer Remix)
15: Chapter XJ - Shift
16: Magic Sense - Rain (Mhammed El Alami Remix)
17: Mehdi Belkadi - Opera
18: Ferry Tayle - Trapeze (The Wizard Album Mix)


450Celsius - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01 - Heatbeat vs Full Tilt feat. Katrina Noorbergen -Aerys Letting Go(450celsius mashup)
02 - Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells - Dissolve (Original Mix)
03 - Harmonic Rush vs Armin van Buuren feat. Winter Kills – Head Rush Take A Moment (450celsius MashUp)
04 - Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (John O'Callaghan Remix)
05- Delta-S Christina Novelli - Alive (Philippe El Sisi Remix)
06 - Aly Fila feat. Karim Youssef - Laily (Photographer Remix)
07 - Simon Patterson vs John O'Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher - Brush Strokes In Big Sky (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
08 - Pixel Vini Vici - Anything Everything (Original mix)
09 - Avalon vs. G-Nome – Funky Voodoo (Captain Hook Remix)
10 - MAJOR7 feat. Black and White - Black 7 (Coming Soon Remix)
11 - X-NoiZe - Roger That (Major7 Remix)
12 - Rinkadink - We Can Build You (Outsiders Remix)
13 - Christopher Lawrence - Terminus (Original Mix)


Alikast - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Arnej - Tomorrow Never Comes (Intro Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
02.Armin van Buuren vs. Arty - Nehalennia (Original Mix) [Armada]
03.Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene - Still I Wait (Original Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
04.Jonas Stenberg - Overworld (Original Mix) [Metanoia Music]
05.Myon & Shane 54 - Futuristic (Original Mix) [Armada]
06.Yvan & Dan Daniel - Enjoy The Silence (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [Captivating Records]
07.Biotones - She's The One (Alikast Remix) [CDR]
08.Heatbeat - Megabootleg 500 [CDR]
09.Heatbeat - Roses Never Cry (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing Recordings]
10.Heatbeat - Buenosaurus (Original Mix) [Armada Trice]
11.Alikast - ID
12.Alikast - She's Far Away (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Inov8]
13.Alikast , Max Solar & Next Beat - Horizon of Eternity (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Inov8]
14.M.I.K.E. & Plastic Boy - Chocolate Infusion (Original Mix) [Captivating Records]
15.Markus Schulz & Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Remix) [Armada]
16.Alex Shevchenko - Sunset Island (Alikast Remix) [Trancer Recordings]
17.Estiva & Cardinal Feat. Arielle Maren - Wait Forever (Daniel Kandi's Bangin' Remix) [Enhanced]
18.Temple One - Venus (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
19.Philippe El Sisi & Abstract Vision feat. Jilliana Danise-This Time (Wach Remix) [Sir Adrian]
20.Ram feat. Susana - RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) (Original Mix) [FSOE]
21.Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten's Remix) [Anjunabeats]


Shura Vlasov - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Max Elto - Sjφhδst (Original Mix)
02. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
03. Andy Blueman vs Christina Novelli - Save Us Sea Tides (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
04. John O'Callaghan & John Askew vs. Nadia Ali - Stresstest Rapture (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
05. Sarah Lynn - At The End Of Every Journey (Jorn van Deynhoven Extended Vocal Mix)
06. Nitrous Oxide vs Cell X - 414 (Davey Asprey Remix)
07. Simon O'Shine vs Mark Pledger & Melinda Gareh - Your World Stands Still (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
08. Tucandeo & Esmee Bor Stotijn - Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Remix)
09. The Thrillseekers & Eco vs Abstract Vision & Philippe El Sisi feat. Jilliana Danise - A Million Sendai Sounds This Time (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
10. Armin van Buuren vs Arctic Moon vs OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself Coming Home (Shura Vlasov Mashup)
11. Simon Patterson vs John O'Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher - Brush Strokes In Big Sky (Shura Vlasov Mashup)


Biotones - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:



Grifas - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.ID - ID (ID Remix)
02.ID - ID (Original Mix)
03.Ananda Shake - Goa Vibrations (Original Mix)
04.Darren Porter - The Oracle (Original Mix)
05.Peter Plaznik - Operator Bandit (Eddie Bitar Remix)
06.John Askew - Shine (Original Mix)
07.Daniel Skyver - Tantrum (Original Mix)
08.Digital Basement - Oblivion (Original Mix)
09.Curtis & Craig - First Taste (Amir Hussain Remix)
10.Vlind - Democracy (Original Mix)
11.Jens Jakob - Neptune (Stephane Badey Remix)
12.Amir Hussain - Eye Of Ra (Original Mix)
13.Paul van Dyk feat Arty - The Ocean (Eddie Bitar Remix)
14.Brian Flinn - Ultra Violet (Original Mix)
15.Binary Finary & Jordan Suckley - It Gets Me (Frank Dueffel Remix)
16.Standerwick & Brian Flinn - Vanaheim (Original Mix)
17.Harmonic Rush - The Dark Side of Persia (Ahmed Romel Remix)
18.Mark Sherry & 3DW vs. Madders feat. Debbie Sharp - Feel So Right (Sam Jones Remix)
19.Robbie Van Doe - Daywalker (Original Mix)
20.Paul Oakenfold - Madagascar (Harmonic rush remix)
21.Simon Patterson - Bulldozer (Harmonic rush remix)
22.James Dymond & Harmonic rush - Dymond rush (Original Mix)
23.Harmonic Rush - Salvia (Original Mix)
24.John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big sky (Adam Ellis remix)
25.Grifas - ID (Energetic Mix)


Daniel Skyver - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Beatsole – Full of Colours (Intro Mix) – Magic Trance.
02.Moonsouls – Resolution – Infrasonic Pure.
03.First Sight – Neurosis – Monster Digital.
04.Dreamy – infinite Power – Grotesque.
05.Thomas Bronzwaer – Constellation (2nd Phase bootleg) – No label.
06.Daniel Skyver – Panic Stations – Grotesque.
07.Allen Watts – Recharge – Edge EDM.
08.Thomas Datt pres Datticus – Sestra – KSX.
09.Steve Dekay – Eta Carinae – Monster Force.
10.Nu NRG – Freefall (Astuni Re-Lift) – No Label.
11.Jordan Suckley – Contaminated (Sam Jones remix) – Damaged.
12.Gary Maguire – Don’t Believe The Hype (Eddie Bitar remix) – Discover.


Paul Denton - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Miroslav Vrlik - I Believe (Original Mix)
02.Dimension feat. Cat Martin - Memories (Original Mix)
03.Andres Sanchez - Sunset At Kanya (Original Mix)
04.Flynn & Denton and Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name - Alex M.o.r.p.h. Remix
05.Firestorm - Mjolnir (Original Mix)
06.John O'Callaghan & Jennifer Rene - Games (Standerwick remix)
07.Silica - Hemisphere (Dark Air Remix)
08.Acid Test - The Domino Effect (Daniel Skyver Remix)
09.Sam Jones & Rhys Thomas - Sectioned (Original Mix)
10.Liam Wilson - The Speed Of Design (Allan Morrow Remix)
11.Sy Gardner - The Raid (Original Mix)
12.Darren Tate, Jono Grant - Let The Light Shine In (12'' Original Mix)


NicK SensatioN - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Synergy - Hello strings (Intro Mix)
02.Airbase - Modus Operandi (Original Mix)
03.M.I.K.E. pres. Plastic Boy - Chocolate Infusion (Original Mix)
04.Airbase - Garden State (Ronski Speed Remix)
05.The Thrillseekers - Find You (Ferry Tayle Remix)
06.Glensk - Polish Pierogi (Juventa Remix)
07.Hudson & Kant - Coconut (Temple One Remix)
08.Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash (Original Extended Mix)
09.James Dymond - Siren's Song (Original Mix)
10.Talla 2XLC feat Skysurfer - Terra Australis (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
11.Sequentia pres. Sunshade - The Game (Original Mix)


Thank you to everyone who was with us, see you tomorrow at 9:00 (CET Time).


16th November

Max Farewell - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Max Cooper feat. BRAIDS - Pleasures (Tvardovsky Remix) [CDR]
02.LTN & Roni Joni - In Between (Original Mix) [Arrival]
03.Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Black Is Back (Classic Vocal Mix) [Anjunabeats]
04.Nigel Good - Come Home (LTN Remix) [Nueva]
05.Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach (Genix vs Las Salinas Remix) [Anjunabeats]
06.Ari Kyle & Aresz - Daybreak (Original Mix) [Sounds of Elysium]
07.Sunlounger & Rocking J Finca (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix) [Magic Island]
08.Biotones & Max Farewell - Getsuga Tenshou (Original Mix) [Rolling Recordings]
09.Aurosonic & Neev Kennedy - Now I See (Club Mix) [Sir Adrian Music]
10.Nianaro - When We Were Young (Biotones Remix) [Red Soho]


Ronski Speed - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling
02.Michael Woods feat. Lauren Dyson - In Your Arms (Ian Bluestone Remix)
03.Fehrplay - Pyara
04.Juventa - SHWDWN
05.Jurgen Vries ft. Bo Bruce - Satellites (Original Vocal Mix)
06.Denis Kenzo & Jilliana Danise - Will Be Forever (Original Mix)
07.Ost & Meyer vs Ronski Speed feat. Cate Kannel - Fortress (Original Mix) (Essentializm Remix)
08.Omnia vs. Tydi feat. Jennifer Rene & Tenishia, Tom Fall - Greater Tomorrow (Ronski Speed Mashup)
09.Nick Karsten - Dunno (Original Mix)
10.Jallen - Moments
11.Paul Oakenfold - Touch Me (Beat Service Remix)
12.Paul Thomas & Russell G
13.Estiva & The_Spacies - Voices (Estiva Mix)
14.Aimoon feat. Adam Angel - Raindrops (Photographer Remix)
15.Ronski Speed - Sipoc
16.Mino Safy - Around The Garden


RDC - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Anry - Serene Sky (Original Mix)
02.Nianaro - In My Memory (Original Mix)
03.AYDA & Wach - Opena
04.Fabio XB & Wach vs. Roman Sokolovsky - Eternal
05.NoMosk & Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Lost Soul (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
06.Araya & Wach - Tunland
07.AYDA - Pharoah (Wach remix)
08.Nianaro - Thank You (Original Mix)
09.Nianaro - Zion
10.Nianaro - Cherkasy (Original Mix)
11.Epos - Polarized (Roger Shah Anthem Mix)
12.Philippe El Sisi & Abstract vision feat. Jilliana Danise - This time (Wach remix)
13.Driftmoon & Andy Blueman feat. Dsharp - Leviticus (Ahmed Romel Remix)
14.Hazem Beltagui feat. Nianaro - MH17 (Original Mix)
15.Manuel Rocca - Time happens flying (Araya & Wach 'Polisia' remix)
16.Hazem Beltagui - Lost Prophets (Original Mix)
17.Hazem Beltagui - Her Word's Are My Inspiration (Original Mix)
18.The Killers - Just Another Girl (Hazem Beltagui Melo Bootleg)
19.RAM & XB - Symphonik (Araya & Wach remix)
20.Nianaro - Niagara (Dimitry Ference Pres. Leithola Remix)


Sundes - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Pedro Del Mar & Damian Wasse - New World (Orginal Mix)
02. Airforlife - Apache (Original Mix)
03. Jorn Van Deynhoven - Six Zero Zero (Orginal Mix)
04. Lansy K - Insomnia (Amir Hussain Remix)
05. Damian Wasse & Manuel Le Saux - Around The Heaven (Original Mix)
06. Dash Berlin - Feel U Here (Paul Trainer Remix)
07. Sonic Element & Solar Movement - Icewall (Mac & Monday Uplifting Remix)
08. Craig Connelly ft. Christina Novelly - Black Hole (Original Mix)
09. Laker - Hurricane (Icone Remix)
10. Davey Asprey - Nightshift (Original Mix)
11. DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings (Original Mix)
12. Kukuzenko - Forgiveness (Original Mix)
13. Stonevalley - Meditation (Original Mix)
14. Aligator - Cyrus the Great (Original Mix)
15. Sundes - Nostalgia (Original Mix)
16. Arctic Moon - Starships Over Alice (Original Mix)
17. DJ T.H. - Dancing In Chinatown (MilamDo pres. Harmonic Rush Remix)
18. Falcon - Hayabusa (Original Mix)
19. Talla 2XLC & The Thrillseekers - Fracture (Darren Porter Remix)
20. Nivaya - My Empirical Epitaph (Photographer Remix)
21. Trance Arts & Colin James - Ballistic (Original Mix)


Cold Rush - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Ira & Paulina Dubaj - Better In Time (Cold Rush Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
02. Amir Hussain – Presence Of Mind (Original Mix) [Monster Force]
03. UCast - LAX (Original Mix) [WAO#138]
04. ReOrder - Arrakis (Original Mix) [Edge EDM]
05. RAM - Epic (Cold Rush Remix) [Digital Society]
06. Aly & Fila & Skypatrol feat. Sue McLaren - Running (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
07. Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Chris Metcalfe Remix) [free on Chris Metcalfe soundcloud]
08. Cold Rush vs Gareth Emery - Dream Millions (Ben Nicky Vocal Mashup)
09. Sarah Lynn - At The End Of Every Journey (Jorn van Deynhoven Extended Vocal Mix) [Adrian&Raz]
10. Adam Ellis - Agent Orange (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
11. Cold Rush - Horizon (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
12. Onova - Platitude (Allen Watts Remix) [Monster Pure]
13. Standerwick - Valyrian (Original Mix) [FSOE]
14. John O'Callaghan - One Special Particle (Original Mix) [Subculture]
15. Johan Gielen - Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Remix) [High Contrast]
16. Sied Van Riel & Standerwick - In a Perfect World (Original Mix) [Subculture]
17. ReOrder & Darren Porter - The Void (Original Mix) [WAO#138]
18. Bluskay - Liberate (Cold Rush Remix) [AEZ]
19. John O'Callaghan & Jennifer Rene - Games (Standerwick Remix) [Subculture]
20. Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli - Frozen (Cold Rush Remix) [Suanda]
21. UCast - Tanity (Original Mix) [Tytanium]
22. Sneijder & Cate Kanell - Letting Me Go (Original Mix) [Adrian&Raz]
23. Angelique - Being (Cold Rush Remix) [Above All]
24. Darren Porter - Terraforming (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
25. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Nitro (Club Mix) [Vandit]
26. Binary Finary & Frank Dueffel – Trancelation (Photographer Remix) [Critical Uprising]
27. John O'Callaghan - Stresstest (John Askew Remix) [Subculture]


Darren Simpson - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. DJ Orkidea feat. Valeska - Melancholy (DJ Cor Fijnemans Outstanding Remix)
02. Taucher - Pictures Of A Gallery (Phase 2)
03. Primer - Everlast (Fire & Ice Remix)
04. Mind One Fet. Rena - Star For Me (Original Vocal Mix)
05. Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Mark Norman Remix)
06. Saltwater - The legacy (Alphazone Remix)
07. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix)
08. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix)
09. Svenson - Sunlight Theory (O-Zone Original Mix)
10. Tiesto - Elements Of Life (Airbase Remix)


Mark Winstanley - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Activa - Flashpoint (The Lost Mix) [Liquid Recordings]
02. Inertia - The System (Original Mix) [Discover Records]
03. Daniel Blanks - Physical (Inertia Remix) [Discover Records]
04. Mike Levy - Optical Delusion (Gary Maguire Remix) [Discover White Label]
05. Gary Maguire - Secrets (Original Mix) [Discover Records]
06. Gary Maguire - Dont' Believe the Hype (Eddie Bitar Remix) [Discover Records]
07. Orkidea - Purity (Sneijder Remix) [Pure Trance]
08. Indecent Noise - Witch Hunt (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum Recordings]
09. Lisa Lashes - Numero Uno (Ian Booth Remix) [Discover Dark]
10. John Askew - Bored Of You, Bored Of Me (Gary Maguire Remix) [Discover White Label]


Mark Bester - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Mike Mikhjian - Everlasting Moments (Mark Bester & Winter State Remix)
02. Nikolay Kempinsky & Love Dimension - New Era (Mark Bester remix)
03. Wezz Devall & Avicii & Project 46 ft. You & Daphne - Stadium Crime (Mark Bester Mashup)
04. Eco & Carly Burns - Hurt (AWD Remix)
05. Mark Bester - Galatea (Original Mix)
06. Squarz Kamel & Love Dimension - Say Me (Mark Bester remix)
07. Mark Bester & Love Dimension - Love is good (Original mix)
08. John Aleph - In Her Eyes (Mark Bester remix)
09. Mark Bester & Ivan Ice-Berg - Orchid (Original mix)
10. Faruk Sabanci - Rise & Fall (Original Mix)


Manida - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01. Andy Moor & Lange feat. Fenja - Top Of The World (Ferry Tayle Remix)
02. Manida - Lovely Day (Original Mix)
03. Manida - When I See You (Original Mix)
04. Mhammed El Alami - Serenity (French Skies Remix)
05. ReOrder - Arrakis (Original Mix)
06. Ucast - LAX (Original Mix)
07. Allen & Envy feat. Ridgewalkers - Forever Young (Original Mix)
08. Phil Dinner - Assassin (Witness45 Remix)
09. A & Z Vs. Keyplayer - Drosia (Original Mix)
10. Arisen Flame - Explorer (Original Mix)


Allan Morrow - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:



Tycoos - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:



Demaus - Welcome Trance World 1 Year Anniversary Mix:

01.Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Andy Moor Remix)
02.Aurosonic - Missing You (Original Mix)
03.M6 - Days Of Wonder (Original Mix)
04.Starkid - Crayons (Leama & Moor's In Loving Memory Of Starkid Mix)
05.Leama - Melodica (Original Melodic Mix)
06.Cass Fox - Touch me in the morning (Mike Koglin Vs. Jono Grant mix)
07.Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk's Love-Club-Mix)
08.Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Original Mix)
09.DJ Fire - Jetlag (Original Mix)
10.Airwave - Save Me (Whiteroom Remix)
11.Ben Gold Feat. Senadee - Today (Original Mix)
12.Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain
13.DJ Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Original Mix)
14.Warrior-X - Warrior-X (Club mix)
15.Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
16.Andy Moor and Adam White present Whiteroom - The Whiteroom (Original Mix)
17.Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Ferry Corsten Remix)
18.Armin van Buuren feat. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg – Bounce Back (DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
19.Indigo feat. Berri - Here Comes The Rain Again (Original Vocal Mix)
20.Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise)
21.Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods - Beautiful (Original Mix)
22.Dj Tomcraft - Silence (Vocal Mix)
23.Transa - Supernova
24.Orjan Nilsen pres. DJ Governor - Arctic Globe (Original Mix)
25.John O`Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
26.Alt + F4 - Alt + F4 (Original Mix)
27.ATB - Let U Go (Wippenberg Remix)
28.Armin van Buuren Feat. Justine Suissa – Burned With Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix)
29.Bobina Feat Elles De Graaf - Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Vocal Mix)
30.Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
31.Rank 1 - Awakening (Original Mix)
32.Aria - Dido (Armin Van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix)
33.Airscape - Sosei (Original Mix)
34.Darren Tate vs. Mike Koglin - Now Is The Time (Original Mix)
35.Onova - Imagination (Original Mix)
36.Sensation - The Anthem 2002 (Johan Gielen Remix)
37.Watergate - Heart Of Asia (Des Mitchell Remix)
38.Choopie & Shmuel - Sunrising (Original Mix)
39.Foreign Force - Ozone (Original Mix)


Well, the event has come to an end ... Thanks to all the DJs who have accepted my invitation and for the excellent set.

Thank you so much to everyone who was with us!

Thanks again all... Wink
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