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Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World
Yuriy Chyaburu
Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World Ep. 61


Yuriy Chyaburu:

01.Wrechiski & Jason Ross - Atlas (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
02.Bryan Kearney pres. KARNEY - Say Nothing (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [Kearnage Recordings]
03.Hazem Beltagui & Sue McLaren - Learn To Forgive (Original Mix) [RazNitzanMusic]
04.Jaco feat. Alana Aldea - Wait For You (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
05.Fisherman & Hawkins - Skypunch (Original Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings]
06.Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here (EA3 Version) [Black Hole Recordings]
07.Ana Criado with Solis & Sean Truby - Break Away (Original Mix) [How Trance Works]
08.Mike Saint-Jules Feat. Molly Bancro - Colour (Original Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
09.Arisen Flame & Driftmoon - Live Your Dream (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
10.Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Duncan Newell Remix) [ARVAS]
11.BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Chasing Sunshine (Original Mix) [Blue Soho Recordings]
12.UCast & George Kamelon - Jump (Original Mix) [WAO138!]
13.Jordan Suckley - Medic (Original Mix) [Damaged Records]
14.DJ Tim & Misjah - Access (John Askew Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
15.Jordan Suckley - Droid (Original Mix) [Damaged]


16.Arisen Flame - Gladius (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
17.Arisen Flame - Dimension Of Space (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
18.Arisen Flame - Explorer (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
19.Arisen Flame - Impulse (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
20.Arisen Flame - Concept (Original Mix) [Arisen Music]
21.Arisen Flame - War Of Angels (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
22.Arisen Flame - Redemption (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
23.Arisen Flame - All The Way (Original Mix) [Arisen Music]
24.Arisen Flame - Unity (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]
25.Arisen Flame - Challenger (Original Mix) [Arisen Music]
26.Arisen Flame - Magnus (Original Mix) [A State Of Trance]

Yuriy Chyaburu
Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World Ep. 62


01.Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here (Gai Barone Remix)
02.Alex Di Stefano - I`ve Got The Power (Original Mix) [Outburst Records]
03.ilan Bluestone - Tesseract (Original Mix)
04.Michael Badal & Ellie Lawson - Closer (Original Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
05.Will Atkinson pres. Josep - With Light (Original Mix) [Critical Fusion (XPM)]
06.Radion6 & Neev Kennedy - Nothing Here But Goodbye (Original Mix) [RNM (RazNitzanMusic)]
07.Ultimate & Irina Makosh - Something Going On (Original Mix) [Infrasonic]
08.Hans Zimmer - Interstellar (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
09.Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
10.Ferry Tayle feat. Driftmoon - Geometrix (Original Mix)
11.Active Visions - Smile (Night Sky Remix) [Time Leap Records]
12.Alter Future - Walk Away (Witness45 Remix) [Melancholy Records]
13.ASP Project feat. Tom Tyler - See The Sun (Dima Krasnik Remix) [Redux Recordings]
14.Axamathic meets Stratusphere - Where Are You Now (Original Mix) [LAD Publishing & Records]
15.Barakooda - Desert Trip (Original Mix) [Diverted Music]
16.Enigma - Epicentre (Original Mix) [Critical Uprising]
17.Arisen Flame - Hyper (Original Mix)
18.Tasso - NR-1 (Original Mix) [Critical State]
19.Dark Fusion Feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - I Just Close My Eyes (Matt Chowski Remix) [TranceFamily Records]
20.Acid Test - Soul Burner (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum Records]
21.Matt Skyer - Nepal (Original Mix) [Edge Vision]
22.Mike Sanders - Arlia (Robbie Seed Remix)
23.Michael Dow - Luke (Original Mix) [Titan Audio]
24.Sam Storey Feat. Louisa Hygate - The Glass (Original Mix) [Inspectrum Recordings]
25.Airscape - Sosei (F&w Remix)
26.Way Out West - The Fall (Richard Durand Remix)

Yuriy Chyaburu
Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World Ep. 63


01.LTN & Kokai pres. Omickron - Ibiza Sunset (Original Mix)
02.Cosmic Gate - Happyness
03.Headstrong feat. Stine Grove - Tears (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)
04.Avenue One - In Your Arms (Original Mix)
05.Alex O'Rion, Rolando Vallice - Eva (Original Mix) [Mango Alley]
06.LTN & Kokai pres. Omickron - Lazy Sunday (Original Mix)
07.Fabio XB, Christina Novelli, Liuck - Step Into The Light (Original Mix)
08.Maarten De Jong - Lancelot (Original Mix)
09.M.I.K.E. Push vs. Canberra - Confession (Original Mix)
10.Omnia feat. Ira vs. Vigel - The Handprint (YC Mashup)
11.Simon Patterson & Matt Adey - Time Stood Still (Original Mix)
12.Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Amba Shepherd - Lost for Words (Judge Jules Remix)
13.Ben Gold - Atomic (Original Mix)
14.Beatsole - Waterfront (Original Mix) [Magic Trance]
15.Nathia Kate Feat. Carina - Skyline (NoMosk Remix) [Suanda Music]
16.Aly & Fila - White Wave (Extended Mix)
17.Suncatcher - Transylvania Cowgirl (Original Mix)
18.Paul van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Sue McLaren - Guardian feat. Sue McLaren (Jordan Suckley Remix)
19.Bryan Kearney & Indecent Noise - Uncommon World (Lostly Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]
20.Aurosonic & Frainbreeze And Katty Heath - All I Need (Suncatcher Remix) [How Trance Works (Siradrianmusic)]
21.BluSkay & KeyPlayer - Chasing Sunshine (Original Mix)
22.Broning - Counting The Days (Original Mix)
23.Ula - Enigmas of the Mystical (Ahmed Romel Remix)
24.Yodis - Monolog (Original Mix) [Magic Island Records]
25.Indecent Noise - Daybreak (Will Rees Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]
26.Jonathan Carvajal - Yesterday You Said Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Critical State]
27.Philip Estevez & Enigma - Harpoon (Original Mix) [Fraction Records]
28.Philthy Chit - Colours (Fady & Mina Remix) [Touchstone Recordings]
29.Vengeance - Dimensions (Denga & Manus Mix)

Yuriy Chyaburu
Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World Ep. 64 ( Taken from "Back In Time Vol 2" )

So, as you see, I decided to do a little preview of the compilation "Back In Time Vol. 2" - CD2 - On The Fly. In general, the compilation "Back In Time" is a return to the past, and tracks is old but gold ... In "Back In Time Vol. 2" will be 4 parts:
CD1 - On The Beach
CD2 - On The Fly
CD3 - The Atmosphere
CD4 - Crystal

Release: Coming Soon!

Tracklist of the preview CD2 - WTW 064:

Coming Soon!

Download: Coming Soon!
Yuriy Chyaburu
Yuriy Chyaburu - Welcome Trance World Ep. 065 & 066


Coming Soon!

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